ZEISS Introduces New PhotoFusion Self-Tinting Lens in TRIVEX

ZEISS Introduces New PhotoFusion Self-Tinting Lens in TRIVEX


(PRESS RELEASE) HEBRON, KY — ZEISS Vision Care announced the launch of a new ZEISS PhotoFusion lens in Trivex, providing more options for eyecare professionals and patients seeking self-tinting lenses.

ZEISS PhotoFusion offers industry leading self-tinting lenses which darken quickly outdoors and are fast to clear indoors. PhotoFusion was originally created by ZEISS engineers to meet consumer demands for self-tinting lenses that darken and clear back swiftly.

These new lenses offer the same ZEISS PhotoFusion performance as ZEISS’ standard colors in other materials, but have all the benefits of the Trivex lens material. They are up to two times faster to clear and very fast to darken, with the optical clarity, thinness and strength of Trivex.

“We are very proud to now offer the PhotoFusion self-tinting lens in Trivex lenses,” said Jens Boy, President of ZEISS Vision Care U.S. “ZEISS continues to listen to the requests of our customers by expanding our market leading self-tinting technology to all popular lens materials.”

The secret behind ZEISS’ PhotoFusion technology is patented photo-active molecules that respond more efficiently to light energy and fade quickly. The introduction of PhotoFusion in 2011 has triggered a revival in the self-tinting market for these kinds of high-performance lenses. Since then, ZEISS has continued to expand our portfolio of PhotoFusion lenses to include new colors, a new category of high-performance self-tinting lenses, and Trivex lens material.

ZEISS PhotoFusion lenses in Trivex come in Grey, Extra Grey and Brown, and will be available to order beginning June 14.



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