Young women fear COVID-19 vaccinations | Bega District News

Young women fear COVID-19 vaccinations | Bega District News


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More than half of Australia’s young men are keen to get the COVID-19 jab but young women are wary, researchers have found. The Australian National University has been tracking the attitudes of more than 3000 people for almost a year. Researchers found that women were consistently less willing to receive the vaccine as soon as possible, particularly those aged 18 to 24. Just 43 per cent of young women said they were willing to get vaccinated as soon as possible, compared to 62 per cent of men in that age group. Almost two thirds of the rest of the population wanted the jab as soon as possible. Professor of psychology Kate Reynolds said the findings about reasons for vaccine hesitancy showed the importance of trust in government. “For example, if young women have been put off the government because of the handling of sexual harassment and political culture, then they could well turn off engaging about vaccination,” Professor Reynolds said. Only 30 per cent of young women aged 18 to 24 reported confidence in the federal government compared to the rest of the population at 47 per cent. People who trusted their state government were more likely to be willing to get vaccinated Head researcher Diana Cardenas said being fair in the vaccine rollout and boosting confidence in federal and state governments could get people across the line. “There was no difference in vaccine willingness or hesitancy between individuals born in Australia and those born outside of Australia,” Dr Cardenas said. “It was also the case that most states and territories had similar levels of willingness to get the vaccination.” Australian Associated Press



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