Why Vision Health Is Important For Learning

Why Vision Health Is Important For Learning


Letting your child know what they can expect from a visit to the eye doctor can help mitigate any nerves. Dr. Edris noted that dilating your pupils, which involves putting drops in your eyes, is an essential part of the exam, so it’s important to talk about this beforehand. You can explain that once this happens, it will limit near vision (looking at a phone screen will be weird!) and make them sensitive to bright light (bring sunglasses!).

As for where to go for an eye exam, Dr. Edris recommends the comprehensive eye-care services at Target Optical, not only because it’s easy and convenient for parents, but also because the optical experience can be fun and interactive for kids. “Most Target Optical stores welcome walk-ins for eye exams, so while you shop, the kids can get their annual back-to-school eye exams,” she said. Plus, there’s a stylish and affordable selection of quality eyewear, contacts, and accessories, and all insurance plans are accepted.

Finally, if the doctor decides your child needs glasses, encourage them to look at it as a unique extension of their personality and an exciting opportunity to show off their style. “Make sure you let your children pick their glasses and have fun with it,” Dr. Edris advised. “If they like it, they will wear it.” Oh, and that common misconception that wearing glasses will make your vision worse? It’s simply not true!


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