Why do medical facilities still require masks? When will Novavax be available?

Why do medical facilities still require masks? When will Novavax be available?


DETROIT – Since the coronavirus pandemic began, Dr. Frank McGeorge has been keeping viewers up-to-date and informed on all fronts. He’s been answering your questions about the vaccine, the vaccination process and more.

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My friend and I are fully vaccinated. We are 67 and 63 years old. Just recently we are both experiencing heart problems. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the vaccine? We both received the Pfizer. There is no history in my family with heart problems, but there is some in her family.

While there have been very rare reports of heart inflammation in younger people receiving the mRNA vaccines, there have not been any such reports in older adults.

I am fully vaccinated. Since, at this time, it is considered safe to go to a restaurant without wearing a mask — why are masks required to enter medical clinics and medical facilities and the staff are still wearing masks?


Every business can set their own policy regarding mask use. Medical facilities pose a unique situation because there are likely to be many higher risk individuals entering a medical facility, including those that may not be fully protected, even if they are vaccinated.

It is also more likely that someone sick with COVID would be going to see a medical provider than going to a restaurant. Until community levels of COVID transmission are consistently very low you can expect a mask requirement in medical facilities.

When will the more traditional Novavax be available for my three teens? I am very concerned about the mRNA technology. What is the update about the heart issues in males with the Pfizer vaccine?

Novavax said it plans to submit its data to apply for an Emergency Use Authorization to the FDA this fall. The review would then take a few weeks after that.


The CDC continues to track and investigate any reports of heart inflammation following vaccination. According to the CDC, for every 1 million second doses of COVID-19 there have been about 67 reported cases in males 12-17, 56 cases in males 18-24 years old and 20 cases in males 25-29 years old.

The rates for females were 9 per million from the ages of 12-17, 6 per million from the ages of 18-24 and 3 per million for 25-29 years old. Experts said the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the potential risks.

It’s important to note that there is also risk of heart inflammation if you get COVID, along with a host of other serious problems.

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