When is Copper View Eye Care having its 50% off sale?

When is Copper View Eye Care having its 50% off sale?


Copper View Eye Care is an eye care practice dedicated to excellent customer service and quality care. Copper View keeps its focus on you, your eyesight, and your health. When you visit, you’ll feel welcomed in an environment specially designed to enhance your comfort and overall experience.

They use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools to provide a range of specialty eye care services and are dedicated to detecting, diagnosing, and treating a myriad of eye conditions so you can feel confident that your eyes are in good hands.

With so many people working virtually now, Copper View recommends what’s called an anti-fatigue lens. It gives you a little bump at the bottom of the lens to help relieve strain and fatigue when you are working on the computer or reading. The one they prefer is actually named “Serenity Now” for all those Seinfeld fans out there! Many of Copper View’s staff wear them and can definitely tell a difference. You can work at the computer longer and much more comfortably.

Speaking of lenses, Copper View is seeing such a high demand for blue-blocking glasses these days, especially with so many people working from home this year. Blue light is such harsh light and is uncomfortable to be staring at for so long. They recommend blue light lenses for anyone using any type of digital screens for more than an hour per day (really everyone) more for the comfort of the eyes rather than any specific health concerns. They also know blue light does disrupt your sleep cycle so that is why it’s important to put the phone down or wear your blue block glasses before you go to bed. Copper View can put blue light lenses in any frame with or without prescription.

Copper View Eye Care was recently voted as 1 of 3 finalists in the Best of SLC for eyecare. They will also be celebrating their 2 year anniversary this month and are having a Patient Appreciation Day on June 15th from 4-7 pm. They will have food, prizes, giveaways, and the best of all, 50% OFF sale! For existing patients as well as future patients- everyone is invited.

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