We’re All Selling Something | INVISIONMAG.COM

We’re All Selling Something | INVISIONMAG.COM


WRITING THIS MONTH’S Big Story had me thinking a lot about sales. I have tried very hard in my life to avoid ever being in a position of trying to talk someone into buying anything from me.

I was the worst at class fundraisers. I was a great Girl Scout … until cookie selling season. I briefly worked in retail but spent little time on the sales floor; I transferred as soon as I discovered the visual merchandising department.

As an editor, people always want to give me things — information, frames — it’s rare that I have to convince them to do so. You want to talk advertising? Let me introduce you to our sales team.

I have quite handily avoided sales… Or have I? Each month, I try to entice you to read this magazine. Every day, I hope our email bulletin subject line is intriguing enough. Once I get you to invisionmag.com, how long can I keep you? Joined the Brain Squad? It’s the most fun you can have filling out a survey!

I sell the INVISION brand and the currency I deal in is time … which, for most of us, is arguably more valuable than money. We all engage in some type of sales. Marketing your practice or asking for referrals? You’re selling your business and its products or services. Angling for a job, promotion or raise? You’re selling your skills and experience. Dating? You’ve literally put yourself “on the market.”

When we look at it that way, actual “sales” looks a lot more straightforward and honest doesn’t it? “Give me X amount of dollars and I’ll give you this whatchamacallit.” It’s a transaction, plain and simple. We’re lucky enough to at least say our “whatchamacallits” improve the customer’s quality of life.


Still, some people have an aptitude for sales, and others just have to work harder at it. Whichever camp you fall into, our Big Story’s Buzzfeed-inspired Sales Personality Quiz on page 30 will not only tell you what kind of salesperson you are but how to be an even better one.

Best wishes for your business,

Five Smart Tips From This Issue

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  2. The demand for workplace and safety eyewear is increasing. Do you know how to tap this market? (Better Vision, page 26)
  3. You never forget your first time, and in eyecare there’s a first time for everything. (Special Feature, page 38)
  4. We’ve always been proponents of regular, structured team meetings, but what does that really mean? We got a practice that does it well to tell you. (Best of the Best, page 44)
  5. Should you give the good or the bad news first? Science has an answer. (Ask INVISION, page 50)


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