UCSF Students Parody ‘Wap,’ ‘Formation’

UCSF Students Parody ‘Wap,’ ‘Formation’


Ready to get in formation and put some macaroni in a pot? Whether you are or not, the students at UCSF Medical School would like to remind you that the next generation of doctors and students will, in fact, slay.

What we can only assume will become a viral video at some point soon, medical students at San Francisco’s foremost medical school released a parody of popular music videos last week to celebrate the UCSF​ 2021 Accepted Students Weekend. And y’all: they did not come to play.

(It’s incredible.)

“Through laughter, dancing, and [parody]​ music videos, we introduce you to the fun we have here as UCSF medical students,” reads the YouTube video description. The video — through a seamless mashup of past and present pop songs, like “Tik Tok” and “WAP” — doubles as an introduction to what new medical students can expect from campus life.

“In [‘Tik​ Tok’], we discuss the REALITIES of living in the world of Zoom,” it continues “Starting medical school during a pandemic hasn’t been easy and we share our experiences about med school living in the Bay Area, California.

Through female-empowering anthems of “WAP​” and “Formation,” the seven-plus-minute parody highlights how amazing it is to live in San Francisco while showing gratitude and “love” for the school’s freshest batch of students.

“We want to show our love for y’all and celebrate all that you have accomplished to get to this point!”

To revel in this recorded excellence, check out the full video below — “all [those] essays,” and all:


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