The 14 Best Eye Creams for Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The 14 Best Eye Creams for Fine Lines and Wrinkles


Of all the categories that comprise the grand skincare puzzle, eyecare is among the most debated. In fact, there’s probably more back-and-forth over the necessity of eye cream than just about any other skincare product on the market. Even though the discourse among consumers rages on, experts have reiterated time and again that an eyecare regimen, complete with a dedicated eye cream, is the key to maintaining a youthful-looking eye area. This is especially true if you’re concerned about keeping fine lines and wrinkles to a minimum. 

“Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes are inevitable, natural aspects of aging but, we can delay their occurrence and improve their appearance,” says board-certified dermatologist Adeline Kikam, DO, MS, FAAD. “Many factors from lifestyle to genetics have a role in this process and thus when they start appearing varies from person to person. However, there are things we can do to slow the aging process through skincare, cosmetic procedures, and a healthy lifestyle.” While there are in-office procedures like peels, lasers, and Botox that can treat certain types of eye wrinkles, topical eye creams are another method for keeping the area looking smooth and refreshed. But no matter what you do, there are specific mistakes that can sabotage your eye care efforts that you may want to avoid. Ahead, check out the top six mistakes that can inadvertently cause eye wrinkles according to a panel of skincare experts, and keep scrolling for a curated list of the best eye creams for fine lines.


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