Spokane County hosting final PPE distribution event for small business owners, nonprofits | Find It

Spokane County hosting final PPE distribution event for small business owners, nonprofits | Find It


SPOKANE, Wash. – It’s been a year since the pandemic first hit and right now there’s still need for PPE, and if you’re a small business owner or a nonprofit you can get it for free. 

The county is hosting its last PPE giveaway today at the fairgrounds. Over 800  businesses signed up to receive a free PPE at the event, and they have still have plenty to give away. 

Michelle Darnell owns Lilac Family Eyecare and she said she’s had to schedule half capacity, per guidelines, which was is financial hardship just in itself, seeing less patients. 

“My revenue has been very low and I have two employees in addition to myself that I have to support,” Darnell said. “So anything I can do to keep my patients safe and my employees safe that’s not going to cost me any extra money is a great help.” 

She said at the start of the pandemic masks were running about $10 each and because of this giveaway she was able to save that money and it helped keep her doors open. 

The way it sits right now, it appears this will be the last PPE distribution from the county, they’ve helped over 3,500 businesses. 

With federal dollars still coming into Spokane, County Commissioner Mary Kuney says the plan was for future assistance is to address emerging problems from the pandemic.  

 “I think as were looking at the money that’s coming from the feds down to the state and then to our community we want to be looking at what those gaps are so we can help fill those gaps and we’re analyzing that as we speak,” Kuney said.  

The county says that they do have a lot PPE left over, the commissioners will need to decide what to do with the leftover PPE. 

As of now of  their plan is to save it for distribution during large events this fall. 

To sign up for today’s event you can follow this link.  

These free distribution events, called OPENTogether PPE Distribution, provide small businesses with 249 and fewer employees and non-profits of any size, with PPE supplies, including hand sanitizer, disinfecting cleaner, and both disposable and cloth facial coverings


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