Society5.0 Acquires a Business Model Patent to Build an AR System That Uses Voice Recognition Technology to Provide Medical Safety, Contributing to the Realization of DX

Society5.0 Acquires a Business Model Patent to Build an AR System That Uses Voice Recognition Technology to Provide Medical Safety, Contributing to the Realization of DX


TOKYO–()–Society5.0, LLC (representative member: Ayako Kinoshita) announces acquisition of a business model patent that involving an AR system that uses voice recognition technology to provide real-time medical safety information to smart glasses and tablet devices.

This technology is expected not only to revolutionize the way medical professionals work, but also to contribute to the realization of DX. Going forward, the company plans to recruit business firms to implement this business model, and it will focus on development for the DX concept.


Current medical care is supported by the expertise and sense of responsibility of individual medical professionals. However, people do forget the knowledge and information they have acquired over time. With the advancement and diversification of medical care, navigation systems and robots that assist medical professionals have become the trend of the times.

[Patent Acquired]

“Information providing system, information providing apparatus, information providing method, and information providing program” (Patent No. JP,6607506,B)

Right holders: Society5.0, LLC and others

[Patent Summary]

The scope of this patent is general medical care inside and outside the hospital, health care, and home (remote) medical care. This is a medical support tool that uses voice recognition technology to display (input and output) the various information needed by medical professionals (i.e., patient information, medical technology, and procedures necessary for the task at hand) to smart glasses and or tablet devices via voice commands.

It provides real-time information to help medical professionals speed up their work, should they forget a medical technology procedure. Moreover, the image recognition function (AI) utilizing the device’s camera can also be expected to contribute to recognizing the accuracy of the work and evaluating safety by themselves.

[Future Activities]

In addition to recruiting business firms, we will also focus on recruiting production companies and organizations that provide real-time information and content.

[Profile of Society5.0, LLC]

Company name:

Society5.0, LLC

Representative member:

Ayako Kinoshita


April 2021


1-9-36 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 108-0075, Japan

Expert Office Shinagawa, A,RE,A Shinagawa, 13F, Room 801


[email protected]


Description of Business:

(1) XR (AR, VR, MR) and AI systems,

(2) Video and audio contents,

(3) Local 5G, IoT, and robotics,

(4) Patent application and royalty management,

(5) Education and training, lectures, etc.

*Voice recognition is a technology or process that analyzes digitized voice data, which includes human speech, and extracts the contents of the speech as text data. It is one of the text input methods for computers.

*AR (augmented reality) is a collective term given to technologies that add, reduce, or modify via computer processing the information provided to the senses of sight, hearing, touch, and other senses from a real environment.

*DX (digital transformation) is the process by which a company responds to the rapid changes in the business environment by using data and digital technologies to innovate products, services, and business models based on the needs of customers and society, while also transforming its very business operations, organization, processes, and corporate culture and environment to establish a competitive advantage.


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