Several catalytic converters stolen from local business

Several catalytic converters stolen from local business


DURANT, Okla. (KXII) – Catalytic converter thefts are on the rise especially here in Texoma. A local company recently lost several of these anti-pollution devices.

Police say catalytic converters are a much sought after item, especially lately in Durant. Medical Center Pharmacy has had several converters stolen from vehicles at both of their Oklahoma locations.

“We were not able to use our vehicles that day to go out and deliver products to the customers that were in need of medical equipment at that time,” said Rex Gilmore, manager of Medical Center Pharmacy in Durant.

Gilmore said they found thieves on their surveillance cameras in Ardmore at the end of April and in Durant at the beginning of May.

A total of 4 catalytic converters were stolen.

“They did in fact ruin two of our vehicles by cutting these off. One of the vehicles, the wires were cut that caused our breaks to not work. And the other vehicle they cut into the break line and also into the frame of the vehicle which destroyed the vehicle,” said Gilmore.

The thieves left a catalytic converter at the scene.

Manager, Rex Gilmore says they tried to fit this catalytic converter left at the scene back...
Manager, Rex Gilmore says they tried to fit this catalytic converter left at the scene back onto a vehicle, but it didn’t belong to their vehicles.(KXII)

“We attempted to see if we could fit this back onto a vehicle and it didn’t seem to fit into any of the vehicles so we were thinking maybe they brought this one as a trade in,” said Gilmore.

Durant police say if thieves are caught, they could face a felony charge. David Ray St. Clair Jr. of Durant was recently charged with Grand Larceny for stealing a catalytic converter from a Rhynes & Rhodes Furniture vehicle.

Gilmore said he’s glad they had cameras, but they’ve since added better lighting.

“It is definitely a good idea to have good lighting all around where you park your vehicles,” said Gilmore.

It cost them thousands to fix or replace their vehicles.

“We pride ourselves on keeping our vehicles safe and keep our employees safe and keep the customers supplied with the medical equipment that they need. We had to turn around and purchase a new van,” said Gilmore.

Durant police are investigating this theft and others.

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