Port Huron voters approve 2nd marijuana ballot proposal

Port Huron voters approve 2nd marijuana ballot proposal


Special elections were held Tuesday, Aug. 3, 2021, in Port Huron.

Port Huron voters passed the city’s second marijuana ballot proposal in a year on Tuesday with 1,588 in favor and 1,140 against. 

That’s according to unofficial results from the city. The proposal amends the measure originally OK’d by voters in November with language to repeal recreational licenses awarded by the city earlier this year

But what happens next remains unclear.

The outside group Progress for Michigan 2020 initiated both proposals. The original proposal replaced rules exclusive to adult-use marijuana originally adopted by City Council that September, legalizing both recreational and medical businesses instead.

After a wave of marijuana applications for both kinds of facilities early this year, the city was met with several lawsuits contesting results of provisional licensees.

Representatives from Progress for Michigan have said Tuesday’s proposal was aimed to put marijuana patients first in reprioritizing licenses for medical facilities. They also said it was aimed to prevent litigation.


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