Partnership creates accelerated path to medical school | News

Partnership creates accelerated path to medical school | News


Georgetown College has partnered with iLEAD Academy to create an accelerated pre-medical school pathway for high school students in iLEAD’s Biomedical Sciences program who choose to pursue bachelor’s degrees at Georgetown College.

iLEAD Academy is a regional career academy where students prepare for careers in computer science, engineering, healthcare and technical professions. It is available to high school students from Carroll, Gallatin, Henry, Owen and Trimble counties.

“Georgetown College offers all students a championship-level education of the heart and mind,” said Georgetown College President Will Jones. “We’re thrilled about this partnership with iLEAD Academy to be able to offer students the opportunity to study in our Health Sciences and Science Honors Programs of Distinctions. They will graduate fully prepared for their careers of service.”

iLEAD students receive priority admission to Georgetown’s Pre-College Academic Experience in Math and Science (PAEMS) summer camp along with a $10,000 scholarship opportunity for those meeting program qualifications.

Students are then guaranteed admission to the Georgetown Health Scholars Program and a $1,000 annual scholarship in a 3.5 GPA requirement is maintained. This program provides specialized advising, work-based learning, networking and research opportunities for students in medicine, veterinary practice, physical therapy, healthcare administration and other related fields.

Those with a 3.5 GPA or higher in science and math classes are also guaranteed an interview for admission into Georgetown’s Science Honors Program. This program provides students with challenging academic and cultural experiences and opportunities to conduct scientific investigation and research at a high level. In this program, students take core classes with fellow science students and explore scientific concepts such as ethics of stem cell research or exploration of Kentucky’s natural history.

Students in the Science Honors Program receive a $4,000 fellowship to complete 10-week project during their sophomore or junior year. Previous students have worked with scientists from John Hopkins, Standford, Duke, Vanderbilt and many other top universities across the country. Students will present their research at regional or national conferences attended by scientists across the U.S. or publish it in leading journals in various scientific fields.

Students will enroll in at least one science class their first semester and complete the requirements of the Health Scholars Program and/or the Science Honors Program.

“I am excited to see this tremendous opportunity for the students at iLEAD Academy,” said Commissioner of Education and Chief Learner Jason E. Glass. “This type of opportunity perfectly aligns with the Kentucky Department of Education’s goal of giving our students a head start on their future on their future careers while still in high school. This program will give students the opportunity to explore great career options and will help provide our communities with the much-needed medical professionals we will need in the future.”

Georgetown College has committed to designing a model pathway making it possible for some students to graduate and move to medical or dental school in three years instead of taking four years of undergraduate classes. The science faculty will co-design learning experiences with iLEAD teachers for students and visit iLEAD for group mentorship.


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