Online Originals: One Place expands mental health services with new partnership

Online Originals: One Place expands mental health services with new partnership


JACKSONVILLE (WNCT) — An Onslow County organization has a new partnership geared to help with children’s mental health.  

One Place works to solve three problems in Onslow County: child abuse, access to mental health services and connecting families to those resources. In partnering with Bay Area Psychology Associates, One Place is one step closer to expanding its resources to help more children. 

“It’s important that if a child has been hurt that they know that resources are available to support them, even after DSS has closed their case, after law enforcement has closed their case, whether the court still has their case open or not,” said Chief Executive Officer for One Place Dawn Rochelle. 

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Children who are abused need professional help to cope with their trauma. Since opening the One Place Child Advocacy Center in 2010, they have been able to help over 2,700 hundred victims of child abuse. 

“One of the things that we have been invested in and concerned about is children’s mental health, from the very beginning. Whether it from the young child, all the way up through the child who is age 17,” said Rochelle.  

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With this new partnership, these children will now have better access to mental health services. 

“And what this partnership intentionally means for us and the over 300 children that we directly see a year in our child advocacy center is that we are going to be able to connect them with very intentional trauma-informed care, no regard to income,” said Rochelle. 

Bay Area Psychology Associates say their goal is to be open 7 days a week to meet families where they are. 

“And so what we’re bringing to the CAC and to One Place is opportunity to meet weekly with their therapist. Our goal is to bring it outside of normal 8 to 5 hours that most agencies bring, and to provide it on weekends, and to really meet the patient and the families where they are,” said Clinical Psychologist from Bay Area Psychology Associates Tobi Gilbert. 

The partnership will provide opportunity for all children that go through the Child Advocacy Center to receive mental health services from qualified, trauma-informed professionals. 

“So, part of it is doing a really good assessment with the child and the family,” said Gilbert. “Identifying that dynamic and then going forward.” 

Rochelle explains what this new partnership means to everyone involved. 

“This new partnership with Bay Area Psychological Associates is huge for us because it means that we can begin to wrap our arms around children that have been hurt through child sexual abuse, child physical abuse much more intentionally,” said Rochelle. 

Gilbert adds they’re excited to help.  

“Bay Area Psychology Associates is absolutely thrilled to be partnering with One Place in delivering child and family mental health services,” said Gilbert. 

These expanded services are set to begin in August. 

“When they walk out that door, they have hope. And that’s probably the biggest thing that we offer them is hope for a better future when they leave,” said Gilbert. 


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