Oklahoma has lost a legendary voice

Oklahoma has lost a legendary voice


Oklahoma lost a great one recently with the passing of Steve Prescott after a lengthy battle with cancer. 

About everyone who has ever picked up the newspaper or been active in Oklahoma City business and social circles knows Steve as the long-time leader of the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation and a tireless contributor to a number of community organizations and causes.

He was the calm voice of reason in The Oklahoman for a clear scientific assessment of everything COVID. In a sense, he was Oklahoma’s Dr. Fauci when we all needed someone we could trust and turn to with all of the noise that surrounded the pandemic.

Steve was the guy who built the new research tower at OMRF. He took the organization to the next level as a nationally and globally prominent research institution. He was also a gourmet chef, a connoisseur of fine wine, and an avid reader. He spoke the truth with a bluntness and forcefulness that was quite refreshing in this age of half-truths and political correctness.


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