New technology helps detect eye disease earlier

New technology helps detect eye disease earlier


MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – Age-Related Macular Degeneration, or AMD, is a serious disease that could result in loss of vision in the elderly. A new device is being used by Dr. Minh Duong and his office, Primary Eyecare of Meridian, which could help detect this disease earlier than before.

“Every person that comes in over 50, we actually have a screener. And they will fill out this little sheet and if they have the symptoms, then we will address it and that’s how we kind of get this out to all of our patients,” said Dr. Duong.

The new technology uses a process called dark adaptation to detect any markers of AMD. This could serve as motivation for people to end some bad habits and start new good habits if there is a higher possibility of getting AMD.

“It kind of gives you that yellow warning sign that says, you know what, I may want to eat better food, I may want to eat kale, I may want to eat spinach, I may want to stop smoking, things like that,” Dr. Duong explained.

The device is called the AdaptDx Pro by MacuLogix and Primary Eyecare of Meridian began using it at the start of February.

“We look for macular issues on every single patient that we look at, that’s just standard protocol,” Dr. Duong said. “But again, as you get older, this is definitely going to happen more, the chances increase as far as the degenerative process of the macula.”

Primary Eyecare of Meridian is located at 4721 26th Avenue and Primary Eyecare South is located at 1217 Frontage Road Suite E. Click here to learn more about AMD.

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