Our team

Donna H. Ackerman

As a journalism major from Illinois State University and with a father that is a Pathologist, writing about things in the medical niches just seemed like a great idea.  I had done freelance work before joining the Medical News Update crew in 2020

Jason M. Laurel

As a former long time Pharmaceutical sales representaive, I have lived and breathed the area of medicines and prescription drugs for more than 10 years. My experience allows me great insight the different aspects of medical news.  Writing has allowed me to not travel and spend time with my family.

Cindy B. Rose

As a former Pharmacy Tech with more that 10 years experience in the retail sector and with a  passion for writing, I am able to contribute on a regular basis into the areas of medical business, drug studies and updates.

Mark D. Graham

With a background as a physical therapy assistant and 8 years experience, I love being able to combine my educational background with my passion for writing.

Emily L. Grace

I am a former admissions counselor for a local medical school, I have a unique insight into the field of medical education and medical schools. My writing passion comes from having great teachers in high school and Junior College.