Medical school’s new centre receives donation | Local News

Medical school’s new centre receives donation | Local News


The Northern Ontario School of Medicine received $300,000 for its new Centre for Social Accountability.

The donation is from the McConnell Foundation, a private Canadian foundation that contributes to initiatives that address community resilience, reconciliation and climate change.

The money will be used for the centre’s administrative startup as well as education and research dissemination.

The Centre for Social Accountability’s core mandate is to improve the health of people living in Northern Ontario and will advocate about issues addressing inequitable health care in the North like poverty, water insecurity and climate change.

“We thank the McConnell Foundation for supporting both the vision and the development of NOSM’s Centre for Social Accountability,” said Dr. Sarita Verma, NOSM dean, president and chief executive officer, in a news release this summer. “The centre will lead innovation in education and research on social accountability to improve health care delivery. Increasing our focus on Northern Ontario, we will address the unique social challenges and barriers to equitable health care that communities face.”


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