Medical cannabis social networking app launches in Israel

Medical cannabis social networking app launches in Israel


Good news for Israel’s medical cannabis patients: you now have an app.EcoCaNN was launched in Israel on Sunday morning, and allows medical cannabis patients to consult with doctors who specialize in the field  and engage in forums with other patients. The doctors quote reliable sources to answer patients’ questions. However, according to a press release by the company, they shouldn’t be used as an official medical opinion. The app, the first of its kind in Israel, was created by international pharmaceutical company MediCane, which engages in the research and development of cannabis-based medications. Building off the telemedicine trend accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, it should reduce the waiting time to see a specialist doctor, as they’re now available 24/7. “EcoCaNN is a place where patients can enter in complete anonymity, receive answers to medical questions and information from leading medical professionals in their field, share experiences, consult and receive information from patients like them,” Yossi Ben Amram, founding partner and CEO of MediCane said.

“The community created in the app makes accessible the benefits of the wisdom of the masses, which include a listening ear and mutual help. During the [COVID-19 pandemic], we have seen a massive shift of patients using digital technologies in healthcare as well, and so far we have received exciting and enthusiastic responses from app users,” Amram added.The app is free to use and is based on a secure platform, according to the press release. All information in the app is protected and remains anonymous. It’s part of Belong.Life’s network of medical apps. The company seeks to improve quality of life and care through technology, services, data and AI, according to their website. It will be released in English in select countries and in other languages of countries that allow the use of medical cannabis at a later date. It was already launched in Canada in early 2021 Patients can upload medical files, appointments and tests anonymously to the app. There are plans to upload data from clinical trials for cannabis medications, according to the press release. “In addition to supporting patients and their families, EcoCaNN uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze the vastly accumulated information anonymously and conduct various studies on topics of interest to physicians and especially patients themselves, in order to improve and assist in treatment and to intelligently direct research and drug-based research efforts to better meet the medical needs of the patient population,” Ziv Aviram, Founding Partner and Chairman of MediCane said.The app is available on Google Play for Android and the App Store for Apple. 


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