Materialise wants to start the new generation of AM insoles » 3dpbm

Materialise wants to start the new generation of AM insoles » 3dpbm


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The Materialise Phits Suite is a new standard of personalized care program that helps improve patient mobility. After decades of experience in gait analysis and 3D technology, Materialise wants to start the next generation of insoles, leveraging the latest digital path capture technology, advanced analysis software and 3D printing to achieve a more accurate, efficient and fully customizable workflow. The Materialise Phits Suite is a digital toolbox for accurate and efficient end-to-end workflow, that can assist in providing patient counseling, care, and treatment.

Footscan technology offers solutions that can meet respective needs in many fields of interest. Thanks to many years of experience in foot pressure measurement technology and innovation in gait assessment, Materialise is present in the insoles sector with over 5,000 Footscan users around the world. The combination of patented dynamic gait measurement systems and analysis software offers a wide range of functionalities applicable for both clinical and research purposes.

Materialise wants to start the new generation of custom AM insoles

Using different solutions, it is possible to generate an in-depth 3D scan of the foot up to the ankle with high-end Tiger or iQube scanners. In addition, to provide greater freedom and flexibility, 3D scans can be imported from any scanner into the company’s software. The Materialise Footscan Suite is robust and clinically accepted hardware for dynamic gait analysis, 3D scanning, and software created to support biomedical research teams with custom engineering and simulation.

Reliable motion analysis is essential in biomechanical laboratories and medical research. Through collaboration with numerous universities, the R&D team continuously develops solutions based on 3D technology. To better understand biomechanics, Materialise has actively participated in over 3,000 PhDs. studies, research articles, scientific articles, and books.


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