Magewell Capture Devices Help Remotely Train Retinal Surgeons

Magewell Capture Devices Help Remotely Train Retinal Surgeons


Telemedicine workflows incorporating live video have taken on dramatically greater importance for surgical education during the COVID-19 pandemic, as doctors reduce non-essential personnel in their operating rooms for the safety of patients and staff. Needing a way to continue its mission of improving training for ophthalmology students in underserved geographic regions, non-profit organization Advanced Center for Eyecare Global (ACE Global) is using the USB Capture HDMI 4K Plus external video capture device from Magewell as a crucial link in delivering live video of surgical procedures to medical residents and fellows around the globe.

ACE Global is a non-profit organization focused on training and empowering the next generation of ophthalmologists in the developing world. “The leading cause of blindness in the world is cataracts, but there are just not enough cataract surgeons that have enough training, particularly in low-income countries,” said Dr. Kevin Barber, president of ACE Global and certified ophthalmologist. “Our major goal is working toward blindness prevention by training more surgeons, better surgeons, and more efficient surgeons.”


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