Local veterans focus on health and wellness with 1776 Challenge

Local veterans focus on health and wellness with 1776 Challenge


A national exercise challenge is now popping up in Bismarck.

Local veterans are doing it to stay active and healthy.

We caught up with Team RWB, a group for military veterans, to see how it’s working out.

The 1776 Challenge is sweeping across the country with 160 participating chapters.

We spoke to a fitness ambassador with Bismarck’s Team RWB to find out more

“One thing that most veterans know is that kind of embracing the suck together.
So just these physical challenges allow us to really camaraderie through that movement,” said Thea Jorgensen, Functional Fitness Ambassador for Bismarck’s Team RWB.

Thea Jorgensen says it’s not just about physical health, it’s about providing a community for local veterans.

“When veterans separate from service. When they’ve given 20 years in the military and it’s the only family they’ve ever known. Team Red, White and Blue, and challenges like this kind of provide them that family outside of the military. Or a mission or a purpose, so to say,” said Jorgensen

The captain of Bismarck’s RWB chapter says she does it to show support, and celebrate our country.

“It is my commitment to those that fought for our independence and for those that continue to serve. We have many veterans in our community that are lost. They need some sort of connection to their communities,” said Ann Leiseth, Captain of Bismarck’s RWB chapter.

The challenge requires veterans to dedicate 18 days to being physically active, and document their progress online.

“We really have understood that, especially with the pandemic, that our health and wellness is really at stake here. And so we were lucky to have adopted our app early on. It’s given us an opportunity to create these virtual engagements to keep our veterans connected and keep them healthy. So we have continued with events like this to reach those types of goals,” Lani Faulkner, Area Community Engagement Manager for Team RWB.

“It’s really just a kind of jumpstart of knowing that we’re going back to normal,” said Jorgensen.

Team RWB says they hope to find more ways to connect with each other and get more involved with the community.

The challenge ties in to our country’s history, as 1776 represents our nation’s very first Independence Day.

Anyone can show their support for our military veterans by doing the challenge.

If you want to find out how you can get involved, click here.


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