Local teen does it all while fighting neurological condition

Local teen does it all while fighting neurological condition


Cooper Meshew with his lawn mowing equipment he uses for his lawn care service called Cooper's Mowing Service. He uses a riding mower because it is easier for him to use rather than other kinds of mowers due to his medical condition and physical limitations.

WOOSTER – For those who don’t know him, Cooper Meshew may sound like your average teenager.  

He likes to hang out with his friends, has a few hobbies and occasionally tries to get out of doing his schoolwork. But to those who know Cooper, know there is so much more to who he is.  

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He is an entrepreneur who started his own lawn care business during the pandemic.  

He is a trailblazer who will be the first at his high school and college program to get an associate degree before graduating high school, especially with his unique circumstances.  

And he is the caring person who created a nonprofit organization when he was 10 years old to help teens across the country get the chance to go hunting when they never thought they could.  

Even though he is only 17, Cooper Meshew has touched the lives of so many people over the years and with the help of his family and friends, he hopes to continue to have that impact well into the future.  

Cooper Meshew is only 17 years old and when he graduates from Wooster High School this spring he also will be graduating with an associate degree in agronomy from the Ohio State University Agricultural Technical Institute.

Fighting against the odds 

Cooper was 9 years old when he was diagnosed with a rare medical condition known as Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, an inherited, genetic condition that causes nerve damage and weakened muscles. 

“His nerves (are) dying from the inside out, killing his muscles,” said his mom, Heidi Meshew.  

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