Local opticians donate eyeglasses to those in need – Boston 25 News

Local opticians donate eyeglasses to those in need – Boston 25 News


LAWERENCE, Mass. — Ed McCarthy is an optician and has been in the eyecare business for 35 years. This year has been particularly rough due to the pandemic, but he’s still giving back in a big way.

“Kevin and I set everything up just like it’s a regular eyeglass store, we display everything just like it’s a regular eyeglass store,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy and his son, Kevin, own three eyeglass stores. Precision Vision in Acton and Townsend and Westford Eye Care in Westford. They’re using some of their PPP loan for their business, but they’re also donating much of it to those in need. “We provide all the frames, we provide the lenses. We see to it that everybody got glasses with anti-reflective coating. We decided if we’re going to help them see, we’re going to help them see really well,” McCarthy said.

The McCarthy’s donated their services to the His Love Foundation. The non-profit is part of Christian Vision Ministries in Lawrence and provides necessities to those in need. Obed Matel, the clerk for the His Love Foundation, said the need is even greater this year since so many people are out of work due to the pandemic. “One of the little girls had not gotten glasses in over three years just because their finances weren’t there. But now they’re happy. They were finally able to get some glasses,” Matel said.

The McCarthy’s are making eyeglasses for more than 50 people at no charge.

That includes fitting, frames, and lenses. It’s their way of paying it forward. “It’s always the best reaction every time. Whenever they go, wow, this is so cool I can finally see or it’s wow, I didn’t even notice. It’s great, honestly, to be able to give them what they need,” Kevin McCarthy said.

The McCarthy’s plan to deliver their eyeglasses to the His Love Foundation on Tuesday. They said each pair runs from about $190 to $225.


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