Kim makes best ophthalmologists 2021 list | Business

Kim makes best ophthalmologists 2021 list | Business


D. Brian Kim, MD, at Professional Eye Associates, has been awarded No. 42 out of the top 150 on Newsweek’s list of America’s Best Ophthalmologists 2021 and was awarded the No. 1 ophthalmologist in Georgia.

This prestigious award is presented by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the world- leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. The awards list was announced on July 21st , 2021 and can currently be viewed on Newsweek’s website.

America’s Best Ophthalmologists 2021 recognizes the best Ophthalmologists in the U.S. Statista invited approximately 10,000 medical experts to participate in an online survey where they recommend ophthalmologists in their own state, as well as for all the U.S. The rankings feature the top 150 ophthalmologists. The evaluation process was comprised of two steps:

Recommendations from peers

Recommendations through an independent national survey which resulted in more than 4,000, and recommendations from doctors, ophthalmologists, optometrists, managers, and health care professionals with knowledge of ophthalmology. Participants were asked to recommend the best ophthalmologists in their state, as well as for all of the U.S. Participants could also recommend doctors from the other specialty (ophthalmologists for optometrists and vice versa). These recommendations were weighted lower than recommendations from the same specialization.

Quality score

Additionally, participants were asked to rank the quality dimensions which influence the quality of Eye Doctors. Participants were asked to differentiate between these variables:

  • Quality of technical equipment (e.g. use of the most recent equipment)
  • Continuity of care (e.g. degree to which consistent and constant care is provided including preventive care and follow-up care)
  • Quality of care (e.g. treatments, consultation with a doctor)

Dr. Kim said, “It is an honor and privilege to be selected as the #1 ophthalmologist in Georgia. My partners Dr. Tim O’Boyle, Dr. Josh Hendrix, and I are highly skilled and experienced eye surgeons, and to be recognized by Newsweek tells people in Northwest Georgia that they don’t have to go anywhere else for the best!”

Dr. Tim O’Boyle stated, “As the Senior Partner, I am very proud of the credentials and accomplishments of all seven of our doctors. This latest award is further testament that we have the strongest group of eyecare providers in our region.”


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