Jani Tuomi and His Inspiring Journey Leading imaware in the

Jani Tuomi and His Inspiring Journey Leading imaware in the


Beverly Hills , June 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In this insightful interview, Jani Tuomi, Co-Founder of imaware, walks us through his journey into the healthcare sector and discusses the importance of self-care. Emphasizing the need for health awareness, he also talks about the growing field of self-testing and medical analysis to prevent future ailments.

Listen to the full interview of Jani Tuomi with Adam Torres on Mission Matters Innovation Podcast.

From a product and technology background, Jani shared little connection with the healthcare industry in his early days. After witnessing a critical health condition in his family, Jani was struck by self-medical analysis, following which imaware was born.

Due to his exposure to technology during college, Jani holds a unique advantage to blend healthcare with technology. Discussing the possible future developments, Tuomi talked about advancements in connecting doctors with their patients efficiently, lab softwares to show detailed results, and medical testing.

The Company and Its Services

Jani talked about how imaware is a healthcare-mission-led company that focuses on the idea that at-home easy to complete health tests are a better option for many people rather than relying on traditional lab testing. “Instead of getting sick care after the disease, it is better to practice true healthcare and screen for conditions at home before symptoms show,” says Jani.

imaware provides affordable health screening tests across men’s and women’s health, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune diseases… These tests provide a detailed biomarker analysis, in a fast and efficient manner. The tests can also be used to help doctors who are remotely connected with their patients and need medical reports for consultations, shared Jani.

The reports provided by imaware are understandable and accurate. Anyone above the age of 18, can purchase tests.

COVID and The Learnings

The unexpected pandemic also provided an opportunity for imaware to help thousands of people have access to at-home and remote Covid-19 testing options. The company arranged specialized medical support for the elderly and those with disabilities who could not access public testing options.

Sharing his learnings, Jani placed high regard for communication, perseverance, and carrying a determined spirit to continue despite the challenges of building a disruptive company.

Pieces of Advice

Jani’s advice for people just starting their entrepreneurial journey, is to ask them to take that first step. Having confidence when you begin is essential for everything else to become apparent. “If you can believe in yourself, then others will believe you,” shared Jani.

About imaware: Headquartered in Texas, imaware is a digital health platform that offers advanced at-home tests that empower people to take control of their health. With over 15 tests including screening for Covid-19, imaware has provided an essential healthcare service to thousands of Americans for conditions such as cardiovascular disease, prostate cancer, and autoimmune disorders. For more information, visit imaware.health.

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