It ought to be hard to get into medical school

It ought to be hard to get into medical school


In answer to a recent (May 20) column “Is it too hard to become a doctor?” Yes, for some. 

The standards required for professionals entrusted with life and death medical decisions should be extremely high, and some understandably will not make the cut. 

The notion that certain people who are “above average” applicants to medical schools from “prestigious universities” and compassionate, however cannot make the cut academically is somehow an injustice or “tragedy” is nonsense. Frankly, I would prefer a doctor with average compassion and superior academic qualifications than the opposite. 

To address doctor shortages, perhaps a greater focus on the sciences in schools may increase interest in medical careers among high potential students. Allowing physicians to spend more quality time with patients and less on red tape and paperwork may keep more in the profession longer. 


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