Iolla brings ‘experiential’ eyecare to St James – Daily Business

Iolla brings ‘experiential’ eyecare to St James – Daily Business


A fourth store for the local retailer

Eyewear brand IOLLA is the latest retailer to sign up for the new St James Quarter shopping and hospitality venue in Edinburgh.

It will be launching an experiential showroom to add to its other physical stores in Edinburgh Stockbridge, and two in Glasgow.

Iolla will feature a new style of plug-and-play shelving stations, digital screens and modular podiums, brought to life with the help of local Edinburgh design studio Splintr.

The new showroom design will feature a 360º interactive window display and movable podiums, designed to bring the experience to the customer, replacing traditional ‘checkout’ desks. 

By putting technology, adaptability, and the customer at the centre of the new design, Iolla founder Stefan Hunter hopes to create an “enriched customer experience”

Since opening in 2015, Iolla has been one to watch, with a direct-to-consumer approach and designing and manufacturing in its Glasgow headquarters.

The £1.7 billion St James Quarter is due to open on 24 June.


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