Indian American Business Council Sends Lifesaving Medical Equipment to India | Global Indian

Indian American Business Council Sends Lifesaving Medical Equipment to India | Global Indian


A Chicago, Illinois-based nonprofit, Indian American Business Council, was able to create community partnerships to acquire a stockpile of oxygen concentrator units, converters, surgical gowns, masks, digital thermometers, oximeters and hand sanitizers to send to India for COVID-19 relief.

After the first shipment was dispatched, this second shipment of these crucial medical equipment/supplies are being sent out for strategic distribution to vulnerable regions of India, a news release said.

With India facing a devastating second wave with its new more lethal variant and the need for the oxygen supplies looming large, the IABC intensified its efforts to acquire life-preserving medical equipment, more importantly, oxygen concentrator units from every potential vendor and manufacturer, and hastened the dispatch to India to help in this momentous battle of saving lives from raging COVID-19, it said.

IABC is working to complement the efforts of the government and other NRI organizations to ship supplies in its collective fight against the pandemic, it said.

IABC president Keerthi Kumar Ravoori said, “We are making this spirited effort of sending the life-saving medical equipment and other accessories to India as we are overwhelmed to see the lives being snubbed out by the evolving lethal variant.”

“Therefore, the compelling imperative of oxygen supplies are critical at this time to wage a battle against this most deadly variant that is devastating lives. IABC is committed to play its part in alleviating the suffering of the families afflicted by this dreadful contagion,” added Ravoori.

IABC chairman Ajeet Singh, who is spearheading this humanitarian mission, added, “I have seen firsthand the unimaginable suffering of afflicted patients loosing lives due to lack of oxygen in hospitals that are running perilously low and supplies dwindling at a pace unseen; It is based on this compelling exigency, we at Indian American Business Council quickly initiated this decisive plan to mobilize oxygen concentrators and other lifesaving medical supplies.”


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