How to choose major medical insurance?

How to choose major medical insurance?


The Major Medical Expenses (GMM) policy is designed to cover the payment for reimbursement of important illnesses that require expensive treatments.

Fortunately, there is already better knowledge of diseases and how to prevent them, for them it is important that you know the insurance you need to take out.

Today, given the great variety of offer that exists to contract medical expenses insurance and in the face of the number of companies that compete for this market, it is difficult to choose one.

For this reason, it is essential, before making a decision, to know what types of insurance are offered and what is the detail of the service that the companies contemplate. Here we will give you some tips to help you make a better decision:

1. Decide the type of policy you want to contract
In medical insurance there are different services that can be contracted through a medical expenses policy that should be known: With different hospital levels, with or without reimbursement of expenses, mixed and direct payment.

2. Do you offer benefits or coverage for dental treatments?
There are companies that offer partial and total coverage for dental consultations or treatments; this should be taken into account.

3. Are your rates differentiated according to criteria of age, sex and socioeconomic profile?
It is important that the rate you pay is adjusted to your probability of consumption of medical services, which is directly related to some variables such as age, sex and area of residence.

4. Check how the company acts in case of frequent use of medical services
There are some policies on the market that include penalty clauses for repeated use of assistance.

5. Check the coverage that the company offers
The policy must have a detailed list of what it covers and what it does not cover, always clear and visible.

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