Hitachi Metals Launches New Web Site to Introduce Medical Fine Gauge Cable Globally for Minimally Invasive Devices

Hitachi Metals Launches New Web Site to Introduce Medical Fine Gauge Cable Globally for Minimally Invasive Devices


TOKYO–()–Hitachi Metals, Ltd. (HML) is pleased to announce our revitalized website for 2021. The new format is designed to help customers more precisely navigate and understand the outstanding medical products and services that HML offers for innovators world-wide. The website highlights just a small sample of our many strengths as a global manufacturer, be it catheter tubing for surgical catheters, fine gauge wire technology for disposable endoscopes, or non-sticky silicone and complex bundled cables for surgical robotics.

With minimally invasive medical devices increasing in demand, there is a desire to support the influx of applications that seek to address aging populations in need of improved procedural devices that reduce stress on the patient and shorten recovery time, in order to improve the overall quality of life of the patient and the ability for hospitals to provide improved care, treating more patients safely and effectively.

Minimally invasive devices are pushing new boundaries of scale and complexity. These products frequently utilize small sensors, componentry, and advanced assembly techniques that make them ideally suited to perform in highly challenging spaces. Electric wiring also must function in highly dense and limited spaces while ensuring strength, conductivity, and other key performance factors necessary for delivering reliable signals and power.

As a vertically integrated global supplier of fine gauge wire and cable, HML has a strong positive history of providing superior copper alloys and termination technologies for medical devices across a broad range of applications. Conductors as small as 0.010mm (58AWG) in diameter can be terminated within 0.100mm pitch, enabling unique assemblies that may employ micro-sensors, cameras, light sources, or just about any other novel innovations that our customers can dream up.

Our staff has the experience and resources to provide technical support and deliver quick-turn prototypes for research and development needs as well as production manufacturing. Volume production sites in Asia or the USA can be chosen in accordance with the customer’s supply chain and business strategy needs.

Our customers success is our own success and through this website renewal, we would hope that customers recognize the value and diversity that working with Hitachi can bring. As a global innovator, we understand the challenges of technology. We understand the complexities of manufacturing. But most of all, we understand and value of relationships; relationships that strive to build a better future and pave the way for the next great inspiration.

Hitachi Metals’ medical product website

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