Florida medical marijuana business remains on fire | Business Observer

Florida medical marijuana business remains on fire | Business Observer


In a bevy of metrics, Florida’s medical marijuana industry continues to grow unabated.

The latest news: Florida now sells more cannabis products than any other state except California and Colorado, according to a new report from marijuana industry research firm Leafly and Whitney Economics. And that’s only for medical patients. “With a state population of nearly 22 million, Florida could reasonably double its current total of cannabis jobs if it chose to legalize for all adults,” the report states. As it is, adds the report, “there are now more cannabis workers than plumbers” in Florida.

Other medical cannabis growth points include:

• Florida registered 170,000 new medical marijuana patients in 2020;

• As of early 2021, the state had some 480,000 medical marijuana patients;

• The industry added 14,891 jobs in 2020 and now supports 31,444 total jobs;

• The state processed $1.2 billion in medical cannabis sales in 2020, and statewide annual sales are projected to top $6 billion by 2030;

• There are now 2,644 licensed physicians in Florida who can write medical cannabis prescriptions, according to the state Office of Medical Marijuana Use. Those products can be purchased at 313 dispensaries.




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