EssilorLuxottica Joins the AOA’s Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety

EssilorLuxottica Joins the AOA’s Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety


(PRESS RELEASE) DALLAS and NEW YORK — EssilorLuxottica announced its commitment to the American Optometric Association’s (AOA) Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety (APS) with an annual investment of $450,000 that will support legislative efforts that increase patient access to care and protect the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship. Rick Gadd, President of Essilor North America, and Fabrizio Uguzzoni, President of Luxottica Wholesale, Americas, shared the news of EssilorLuxottica’s role as a lead sponsor to the association’s House of Delegates during Optometry’s Meeting.

“EssilorLuxottica is embarking on this opportunity to partner more closely with the AOA to advocate for doctors and patients and give vision a louder voice. We stand with the AOA to ensure patient access to care is preserved and protect the integrity of the doctor-patient relationship,” said Gadd. “It’s our commitment today to the AOA and all of its members to ensure the doctor’s eyecare agenda is preserved and private practice remains strong.”

“This is the first time we’ve brought this level of support together as EssilorLuxottica, and this commitment is just the beginning of what we can accomplish together,” said Uguzzoni. “EssilorLuxottica’s goal to eradicate poor vision in a generation is predicated on the work the AOA and its members do, and like the AOA, we are dedicated and motivated to protect the long-term care of vision for the world.”

“Everyone committed to ensuring that the doctor-patient relationship continues to be recognized as the foundation for sound health care decision making can join me in thanking EssilorLuxottica, APS’s newest partner,” said Robert C. Layman, O.D., AOA president. “Together, we’ll be working to educate and inform policymakers about the essential care doctors of optometry deliver to improve the health of Americans.”

Long-time advocates of private practice agendas, Dr. Millicent Knight, Essilor’s Sr. Vice President of Customer Development, and Dr. Carl Spear, Luxottica’s Sr. Vice President of Eyecare, will take active leading roles within the APS as representatives of EssilorLuxottica.

Through its advocacy efforts, the Health Care Alliance for Patient Safety supports laws, regulations and other public policy solutions designed to safeguard public health while educating patients, regulators and legislators about the importance of the doctor-patient relationship and existing and potential threats to patients’ eye health and safety.


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