Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Research Director Discusses How Male Entrepreneurs Can Take Back Their Mental Health

Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Research Director Discusses How Male Entrepreneurs Can Take Back Their Mental Health


The mind is a powerful thing–it can help you make positive changes in your life, but it can also lead you to a difficult place. As an entrepreneur, the mind’s power truly resonates. Business owners need to lead teams, make informed choices, and coordinate with partners to succeed in their goals.

However, health often takes a backseat for many who start on their entrepreneurial journey. Health expert Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Labs Medical Research Director argues that this should not be the case, especially for male entrepreneurs. As males are disproportionally affected by mental and physical health issues, it is even more important to care for their well-being, even with business-related pursuits.

In this article, Dr. Ryan Shelton gives practical mental health advice to help male entrepreneurs.

Stay educated with mental health conditions and their signs

If you have a personal or family history with mental health conditions, it is important to stay educated and learn about the signs and symptoms. Even without a history, environmental triggers, especially stress, can cause mental health problems as well.

Dr. Shelton recommends paying attention to physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that bring you discomfort or are out of the ordinary, such as:

  • A mood change for a considerable amount of time: Have you been mainly feeling down for months or even years at a time? This could be a sign of low-grade depression, seasonal depression, or major depressive disorder.
  • Physical symptoms during anxiety trigger: If physical symptoms of anxiety are present such as nausea, heart palpitations, frequent headaches, or loss of appetite exists, you may want to seek professional help if it is affecting your daily life.
  • Any emotional or mental manifestations that affect your life or other people: People hesitate to seek help because of the stigma pertaining to mental health conditions. However, any personality changes, relationship problems, or signs of substance abuse should be given attention to curb its negative effects right away.

Make an effort to care for your physical well-being

A significant risk factor for mental health concerns among male entrepreneurs is those who neglect their physical health. When your body is malnourished, lacking sleep, and does not get the right amount of physical activity, the more you are prone to stress and other triggers for mental health disorders.

Thus, Dr. Ryan Shelton Zenith Lab Medical Research Director recommends male business owners to pay attention to their physical health by doing the following things:

  • Choosing a whole foods-based diet: A diet with more whole foods provides nutrients, fewer preservatives, and provides more energy. For example, instead of having sugary cereals in the morning, one can have old-fashioned oats with fresh fruit. Focus on having food items in their “natural” state rather than their highly-processed form.
  • Drinking more water: Hydration has a lot of benefits, especially for busy male entrepreneurs. First off, it helps in blood circulation, which improves physical performance. Second, it also takes away the mental fog one has when overwhelmed with tasks.
  • Physical activity: Male business owners can benefit from exercising to improve their mental health. The release of feel-good hormones such as endorphins helps the brain to relax, thereby reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.


Physical health is primarily attributed to mental health. By understanding the strong link between the two, male entrepreneurs can work on both for mutual benefits.

Having a supportive community

A supportive community can help you focus less on the stress of business development but rather help you keep your eyes on the prize. You can vent, express your thoughts without judgment, and brainstorm ideas that will make you less overwhelmed.

To find a supportive community, you will need to look for like-minded individuals who have the same core values as you are. They can be your family, co-workers, or even fellow business owners who understand your journey. You can also find support from interest groups that are not necessarily related to your business. Joining book clubs, hobby enthusiasts, or any other group with a common healthy interest can help you gain support and a sense of community.

Seeking professional help

Even when doing self-management strategies, there will still be instances where male entrepreneurs struggle in their mental health. When this happens, Dr. Ryan Shelton recommends seeking professional help. There are two ways to go about mental health counseling:

  • In-person: You can schedule sessions with a psychotherapist, counselor, chaplain and have one-to-one sessions in the healthcare office or facility.
  • Online: There are many programs now available for one to have teletherapy. You can schedule consultations with licensed mental health professionals to discuss issues about your personal or work-related struggles. Online therapy is ideal for busy individuals who want to work on their mental health at their homes’ comfort.


Additionally, male entrepreneurs can also benefit from other professionally-backed mental health interventions, such as substance abuse rehab, medications, facilitated support groups, or any other treatment aside from counseling.

Taking Charge Of Your Mental Health: Making Changes

If you desire to keep your mental health in top shape as a male entrepreneur, the strategies mentioned above by Dr. Ryan Shelton can help you out. By taking charge of your mental health, you can improve your personal and professional life performance.

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