Dartmouth investigating cheating at medical school | Education

Dartmouth investigating cheating at medical school | Education


Dartmouth College is deciding what to do about cases of alleged cheating among Geisel School of Medicine students earlier this year.

Justin Anderson, vice president for communications, said the cases are being reviewed by the school’s Committee on Student Performance and Conduct after allegations that students were cheating during remote exams this year. Anderson said the committee responded by reviewing all of the exams for the academic entire year.

“The extent of the potential infractions prompted the CSPC to conduct a review spanning the entire academic year. Past exam activity was included in the review to ensure fairness for all students, including those not suspected of violations but whose grades could be affected by any changes to scores of their peers,” Anderson said via email.

The students reportedly logged into the school’s course management system while they were supposed to be taking a remote closed book exam. Anderson said when someone noticed the activity, they contacted school administrators, prompting the referral to the CSPC.

“Early this calendar year, the School received information indicating the possibility of violations of the Geisel Student Honor Code related to conduct during exams,” Anderson said.

The committee identified several students in the review. All of these students were then invited to give a statement to the committee, Anderson said, during which many admitted to cheating.

“All students received the opportunity to present relevant information and statements to the CSPC, and in multiple instances, students admitted to the conduct in question,” he said. “In all cases, students have been or will be provided with all information the CSPC considers in determining findings of responsibility and in considering appropriate sanctions.”

No final determination has been made on what to do with the students caught cheating.

“We are working to make sure that any relevant concerns are addressed in a fair and timely manner,” he said.

Anderson said once the committee review is complete, more information about the investigation will be available. The students will be allowed to appeal any punishment, he said.

The Geisel School of Medicine is one of the country’s oldest medical schools, and it has affiliations with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, where many students practice as part of their education. Hospital representatives declined to comment on the investigation.


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