Country Oaks shares updates on health and safety measures for residents

Country Oaks shares updates on health and safety measures for residents


SANTA MARIA, Calif. – As the pandemic continues Country Oaks in Santa Maria has continued to maintain the health and safety of its residents.

For a while, the Care Center was enjoying California’s first full reopening since the pandemic.

“Yes we’ve been observing all the protocols and things were loosened up there for a little bit,” said administrator John Henning of Country Oaks.

But with concerns over the Delta variant, staff at the care center are ramping up safety measures again to keep the most vulnerable safe.

“Now people working with the patients have to wear N-95 masks,” said John.

While visitors are still allowed, they must be fully vaccinated.

“We have to have proof of their vaccination status before we can let them in the building,” said John.

Another new protocol is unvaccinated visitors must get tested for covid at the time of each visit.

There is also a limit as to how many people can visit at any given time.

“We have to keep track of who’s in the building … we have to schedule visitations … we have to know where they are at all times … they have to get their temperature checked … and they have to be escorted to and from their relative,” said assistant administrator Sharon Henning.

Staff say say the rigorous safety precautions is well worth the effort.

So far, there has not been a single covid case since January of this year.

“We’ve been very fortunate … we’ve gone several months without any cases and we plan on keeping it that way,” said Sharon.

Staff say the majority of its residents have been fully vaccinated.


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