Co-owner of Relf Eyecare takes on dual role of doctor and boss

Co-owner of Relf Eyecare takes on dual role of doctor and boss


Along with flight surgery, Dr. Graham studied family medicine during her time in the military – but it was opthemology that she had her sights set on.

“My family eye doctor actually got me interested in opthemology and my interest just carried me all the way through medical school,” said Graham.

After starting her career as an eye doctor in Wisconsin, Dr. Graham moved to Duluth and joined Relf Eyecare as a partner in 2008.

But being a business owner was never really a part of her life plan and naturally with the added title of “boss” comes added responsibilities

“It’s difficult because you see patients all day and you’re very focused on that and then somewhere along the way you have to manage a business too.”

After years in the industry,  she says she’s lucky to love what she does so much.

“I tell our staff and I tell our patients that I’ve being doing Opthemology for 25 years and I still find it interesting every day,” said Graham.”I think if you can still find a job that interests you everyday after 25 years thats probably amazing. I hope its not too rare, but I just feel really fortunate.”

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