BFD/UNFPA: Reproductive Health (RH): The IDPs Triple Twins, Home childbirth could be a Ticket to the Afterlife, Death or Life Race, Fatima of Bani Asd – Yemen

BFD/UNFPA: Reproductive Health (RH): The IDPs Triple Twins, Home childbirth could be a Ticket to the Afterlife, Death or Life Race, Fatima of Bani Asd – Yemen


** BFD/UNFPA: Reproductive Health (RH)**

The IDPs Triple Twins

Subout Mokebar, her husband, and three little children had chosen to live a life away and safer from the unforgiving and destructive war. Subout Mukaber has fled from the frontline of At Tuhyta district to the countryside of Zabid district, Al Hodeidah governorate, Yemen.

Mrs. Mukaber was pregnant with triple twins. It was hard for the IDP mother to look after her babies and her triple pregnancy. She had hard and painful times in the displacement. “ I am an IDP besides that I became pregnant with triple twins. I did not know what to feel? Happy to become an extraordinary mother or Sad to worry about their unknown future.” Subout said.

when the time to deliver her rays of sunshine; her husband was worried about not finding a qualified health center that could handle her case.” My wife`s case was an incomparable case; it needed really good health care, and since there is no qualified HF nearby my residency, I was afraid to lose her and the babies.” The husband said. Therefore, her husband managed a ride to Zabid Hospital which is 27Km away from their residency.

Once they have stepped into Zabid Hospital (a BFD-supported HF based on UNFPA fund), agony, tiredness had collapsed the over-painful pregnant woman. She was in a critical and dangerous condition “She is pregnant with three.” Ibrahim, her husband said. the medic directly has called the obstetrician, who conducted an urgent clinical examination and admitted her to the operation room. “She had anemia, provide her now with fresh blood, and one of the fetuses is in a leg-down position.” Dr. Thekra said. an immediate C- Section was conducted to save the four lives from the critical complications. The medical team had hard times during conducting the complicated and dangerous CS. The qualified staff successfully got the triple twins safely and ensured the safety of the IDP mother, yet one of them was in a risky condition due to his wrong position.

After Dr. Mohammed, the pediatrician spent a quiet time reviving him, his condition has stabilized. Finally, the fantastic triple was admitted to the nursery, where the mother was admitted to the patient’s room department to get the needed PNC ( Postnatal care) care as well as she was given several tips on how to look after her new triple comers. “Their condition is normal and there is no potential danger. Moreover, all their vital signs appear normal and they can leave the nursery and make sure of continuous medical follow-up.” Dr. Mohammed, the pediatrician, has told the mother. After the medical staff has ensured the four lives are well- being and after giving them the needed PNC service, the IDP family got back home glad and satisfied from the qualified and pro health care. “It was a warm moment when I saw my three little infants alive and kicking. I am grateful to the expert medical staff.” The father revealed.

Home childbirth could be a Ticket to the Afterlife

She could barely open her eyes, hold her wrecking body, feel her numb limbs as she was bleeding heavily.
Amanah Mohammed is one of the thousands of Yemeni women who were victims of home childbirth. Amanah, a 45-year-old, an inhabitant of Harib district, Ma’rib governorate had a tragic birth home. After the assistance brought by her family to deliver her baby, she had to suffer harsh pain and heavy bleeding due to a retained placenta. In a hurry, she was taken to a health unit nearby; there, a midwife tried hard to take out the placenta and to stop the bleeding, and since there is no ultrasound device to do a precise check-up. Amanah went back home, the bleeding never stopped for that day. The next day, she started to lose consciousness. Her family did not know that she started to be in hypovolemic shock. Eventually, they managed a ride to take her to the 26 of September Hospital. (a BFD supported HF funded by UNFPA), yet the lack of health education, the delay, and the lack of equipment in Harib HU have jeopardized her life.” When we took her to the hospital, she was almost a dead person.” Her oldest son said.

A yellow pale face, wrecking body that was what the medical staff had received. Directly, she was given the needed medicines to stabilize her health condition; then they did clinical and lab checkups where shocking results showed up that the cervix and vaginal wall has ruptured, low blood pressure, with severe blood loss (5 HP).

Her family lost hope, they were waiting to hear the doctor say “sorry, may her soul rest in peace.” Aminah was admitted to the ICU. The medical staff have worked hard day and night for three days and have never given up until she recovered her health and became in a good condition.” The medical team was the angles who truly watched over me.” Amanah said.

On the fourth day, she was moved from the ICU to the patient’s room department under the observation of Amani Ahmed, the midwife. In addition, they have brought her, her charming toddler to hold and take care of him.
The intervention had a great impact on the beneficiary, which was noticed on Amanah`s face once she left home with her family.” I hope that supporting the HFs will not be suspended due to the second wave of COVID- 19. If people will not die from the pandemic, they would die from the lack of health services.” Amani, the midwife said.

Death or Life Race

All eyes in the emergency room turned to the door. A pregnant woman showed up. There was something strange about the way she looked. “One last push, be strong” was what Najmah hearing for more than 24 hours. Some female members of her family were trying to deliver her home neglecting the idea that she might experience difficult birth or the fetus may be positioned wrong. Then a midwife came and noticed that there was something not right with the fetus` position.

The mistaken practices they used have worsened her situation and have consumed her soul and body power. Likewise, she strove all along an absolute long irregular rocky road.

The pain she was experiencing was not like someone could imagine or endure. Her baby was left without water (Amniotic fluid) for one day that put both lives on the rim of death. Hardly, she got Hufash Hospital which BFD funded by UNFPA is supporting “It must be all a dream.” Her husband said.

Once she stepped into the hospital, everyone noticed a droopy faded woman was leaning on her husband`s shoulder, a husband calling for help. The medical team rushed to the painful women, conducting rapid clinical checkups.

Then doctor noticed swollen organs, bad health condition, and a fetus in a difficult position in the pelvis ( his hand was placed on his forehead) .” She is in a severe critical condition and her fetus in a worse one. Prepare her for a CS now. We are losing them.” Dr. Ebtisam said. Najmah and Ziad (the baby) were in a death race.

In less than 10 minutes (Yes, 10 minutes) the operation room was ready. The medical team split out into two teams (a team led by the obstetrician and the other led by Marwan Ahmed).” Dr. Ebtisam conducted the CS and had the baby out who was in a risky critical condition. His forehead was black and sore, his right eye was swollen due to his position.

Then the doctor continued to save the mother from the dangerous complications. The uterus was about to be ruptured, yet the doctor handled the situation successfully. At the same time, Dr. Marwan was trying hard to revive the breathless and heart-beatless infant; he never gave up. After passing 15 long exhausting minutes, Zaid got better. “It was one of the longest and most critical moments of my life, I became happy when I heard the infant crying,” Dr. Marwan revealed.
After passing 4 hard hours, the mother and her baby were admitted to the patients` room department where they both had intensive PNC care for more than 4 days. The husband expressed his relief and gratitude to the medical staff who incredibly rescued his wife and son.

Fatima of Bani Asd

Bani Asd sub-district (a rural area in the western north part of Hajjah, 72 kilometers far from the city), Al Mahabish district, Hajjah Gov, Yemen, where most of the pregnant women have bad nutrition, which exposes their lives to death during the delivery process.

Due to the lack of good nutrition and health care, she had a complicated pregnancy. The pregnant woman had a terrible pregnancy time where she ended with hard and server labor contractions and Eclampsia.

Luckily, there is in the area Bani Asd HF (a BFD- supported HF funded by UNFPA) that works around the clock to provide health and RH services to the surrounded tire zones.

Mrs. Fatima Muaidheh had to wait hours until her husband secured her a ride to Bani Asd HF. The pregnant woman reached the hospital with a critical condition that forced the medical team to act quickly. After she got the needed examinations and after the confirmation of the Eclampsia, Fatima was given the needed medicines.

After the great effort of the midwife and the medical team to comfort her and control her situation, they had started the delivery process with great caution.

An incredible cry of a cute infant introduced a successful delivery. Then Samera, the skilled midwife-assisted by the medical team had to do what was necessary to ensure the wellbeing of the mother as well as to eliminate any future complication that she might get.” I was astonished after seeing my wife and child safe and sound and getting proper health care in such rural and remote areas. I am thankful for providing such a lifesaving service to not only my family but also for Bani Asd inhabitants.” Fatima`s husband revealed. This project provides not only the delivery services but also all RH package services for both (the mother and the newborn).


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