Bay County closes COVID-19 testing site

Bay County closes COVID-19 testing site



BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)-As people continue to get vaccinated and protect themselves against COVID-19, Bay County officially closed its COVID testing site on Friday.

The county says they’re closing the site due to a decreased demand for testing. In total, the county administered more than 77,000 tests over the last year.

County officials say Bay County is only one of a few other counties in the state that offered such a robust and free testing program.

“We’re really proud to have been in a position to do that. We’re actually 45 days short of a year of offering this testing so we really hope that it helped stem the pandemic some in Bay County. Certainly, people who knew their status were able to self isolate themselves and not spread it further,” said Valerie Sale, Bay County’s Public Information Officer.

Sale says tests are still available at several private providers in the area. Visit the following link for more information. | Bay County, FL (


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