A vision to keep our eyes healthy | Daily Liberal

A vision to keep our eyes healthy | Daily Liberal


PEOPLE can have early signs of macular degeneration and glaucoma without experiencing any signs or symptoms.

Which is why it is important to have your eyes regularly checked, according to Morrison’s Family Eyecare principal optometrist Sallyanne Morrison.

“We not only check vision, but more importantly check on your eye health,” Sallyanne says.

“When you come for an eye test we assess everything, not just what you can read on an eye chart.

“We establish why your vision might have deteriorated; whether you have long-sightedness, short-sightedness or astigmatism, we look for cataracts, glaucoma, macula degeneration, retinal holes, tumours or cancers.”

Sallyanne and her team at Morrison’s Family Eyecare have been serving Central Western NSW eyecare needs since 1997.

The team consists of four qualified and therapeutically endorsed optometrists.

While there is no cure for macula degeneration nor glaucoma, both eye diseases are treatable.

Anti-growth hormones are used to treat wet macula degeneration, however, changes to diet and lifestyle may also help slow down the disease.

With respect to glaucoma, most people are able to manage their condition successfully with the use of eye drops, laser treatment, surgery or a combination of all three.

“It is important to note while treatment can prevent vision loss, it cannot restore sight already lost to both macula degeneration and glaucoma, which is why early detection is so important,” Sallyanne says.

The team at Morrison’s are also specialists in treating conjunctivitis and red eye, and are skilled at removing objects such as metal and foreign bodies from your eyes.

“We can diagnose all these conditions and then either treat you or refer you off to an ophthalmologist,” Sallyanne says. “We are dedicated to providing our patients with the finest quality and most technically advanced products available on the market today to suit both lifestyle and budget.”


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